Destined to Die plays melodic rock/heavy metal and was founded by Reima Maaniittu(guitar&vocals) and Zelda Jutila (lead vocals&keyboard) in Helsinki, Finland. At first they started as an acoustic duo. Later on they started doing own songs and the band was formed. First single ”I Close My Eyes” along with b-side ”Flight Of The Fish” saw daylight in 9th of March 2018. Full lenght album “Dig Your Own grave” was released in 4th of May 2018.


2014- Zelda and Reima meet in a karaoke bar. Duo Tarhaeläimet is born and they play on the streets, parks, bars and birthdays

2016- Recording of the first demos with Juho Nummi(Bass) and Veka Ohtamaa(drums)

2017 January – The actual recording begins with Toni Paananen(drums)

2017 August – Post-production starts and vocal harmonies and keyboards are arranged

2018 March 9th – The single ”I Close My Eyes” and b-side ”Flight Of The Fish” released

2018 May 4th – The album “Dig Your Own Grave” released

2018 October 4th – New members in band: Drums – Jouni Marttila & Bass – Jaakko Veijonen